from the 20th century

The town was erected under “la mission racine” project lead by the General de Gaulle.
Mission Racine’s objective was to convert the Languedoc Roussillon littoral coast.
The Architect Jean Balladur, in charge of this enormous project, gave 20 years of his life to accomplish this task considered as avant-gardist in the architecture industry.

Inspired by the architect Oscar Niemeyer from Brasilia city, Jean Balladur imposed a modern architecture by using womanly curves.

At this point in time, the town is recognized as a major piece of art and classified “Heritage of the 20st Century”.
For a long time, its architecture was misunderstood and criticized, it is now recognized all around the world. Made out of 70 per cent of green space, diverse flora, large pedestrian pathways, we can say that La Grande Motte seduces a large number of people.

A family


The Town of La Grande Motte offers a wide range of cultural, sportive, and entertaining activities, which makes it the perfect combination for a family destination.

La Grande Motte is an exceptional tourist setting: sun, beaches, natural spaces and a lot more. Its architecture and its heritage makes this town one the most popular seaside resort town in Europe!

It is also a favorite family destination thanks to its restaurants, its Golf Course, its Tennis courts… which are perfect places to spend entertaining and fun moment.
Many other events are not to be missed: Les Nuits d’Or and its pyromelodiques fireworks, Les Nuits de Scene with its outdoor concerts, Aerial shows, the Carnaval and lot more to discover.


All activities are reachable by walk or bike from the hotel.

A true invitation to walks and idleness for a “pleasure holiday”!